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FOX 40

Fox 40 whistles represent true innovation that has proved to have applications in not only sports, but in a variety of industries. Founder Ron Foxcroft realized that regular pea whistles were not making the cut when, during an important basketball game he was refereeing, his whistle failed when he tried to call an infraction and it appeared that he didn't recognize it! Foxcroft knew that he had to create an alternative to make sure that rules were properly enforced and to prevent other referees from experiencing the same embarrassment! He collaborated with a designer and a plastics molding company in Ontario and created a whistle that produced three frequencies that reverberated simultaneously, creating a shrill, loud vibrato that was first tested at the 1987 Pan Am Games with great results. Now, Fox 40 whistles are not only used by referees, but by professionals in police enforcement, search and rescue, marines, and for personal safety. They have several types of whistle to ensure that you find that fits your needs, like the Classic, the Fingergrip, safety whistles, and kits for boat safety, first aid, and more. Other products include coaching boards, mouth guards, and Fox 40 can even customize whistles to include your company's logo or promotional message.

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