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    In 1995, Intova began as International Innovations, Inc., a company that catered to the hospitality industry by producing single use cameras that were packaged for specific cities to include maps and coupons. Though “Snap Sights!” became extremely popular and was even distributed internationally, a demand grew for underwater cameras. The company evolved to design underwater film cameras that could reach depths of up to 100 feet that even featured a flash. Traditional camera accessories like a macro lens, color filter, and flash diffuser that could be used underwater were the first in the industry to capture the attention of photography enthusiasts around the world. With the advancement of digital photography, Intova sold their first underwater digital camera in 2004. Intova’s products also include an underwater mp3 player (H2O Man) and the Torch, a waterproof, high-durability flashlight. Their cameras, mp3 players, and accessories make underwater exploration fun and have even been endorsed by aquatic professionals like the Navy.

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