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    Many know Jelly Belly for its tasty jelly beans that come in all sorts of unique flavors- like buttered popcorn, juicy pear, and tutti-fruitti. Even strawberry cheesecake! But they have also branched out into the sports performance arena, with Sports Beans! Sports Beans were designed to deliver carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins to enhance your performance during an important race, workout, or session. Sport Beans are energizing and have been proven to improve performance in clinical studies. Jelly Belly was founded by Gustav Goelitz, who bought an ice cream and candy store in 1869. Their business remained successful throughout the early 1900s, and in 1960 a 19-year-old Herman Goelitz decided to take a risk and venture into the world of jelly beans made with natural flavorings and the best ingredients. The risk was a huge success, even warranting the attention of then-Governor Ronald Reagan. By the mid-1970s, Jelly Belly was cranking out new, true-to-life flavors like very cherry, green apple, and the rest of the eight original flavors that remain ever popular. Now, with over 50 flavors of tasty treats, Jelly Belly is the #1 selling jelly bean in the world.

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