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    Macks is a Swimming Ear Plugs Specialist.
    Mack's was founded in the 1960s when musician Raymond Benner purchased the company from an elderly pharmacist. At the time, Mack's only product was earplugs, which Benner thought could be improved further because as a swimmer himself, he was concerned about the potential for "swimmers ear" using the product as it stood. Through trial and error, he was able to develop a moldable silicon earplug that helped seal out water better than the original. Now, with Benner's sons at the reins of the company, an increasing focus on product development through research will only help the Mack's continue to grow. They manufacture both pre-molded and moldable earplugs designed for swimming, traveling, and more. Newer products include ear wax removal aids, sleep masks, and accessories for earphones.

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