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    Tim Swim

    Tim Swim is a small privately owned LLC focused business entity which is focused on manufacturing great products for swimmers. They do not believe in spending a huge budget in marketing. Tim Swim greatly relies on word of mouth. If anyone likes the product, it is well advised to help spread the word. This result in keeping low product cost and ultimately passes the savings on to the customers. Tim swim has its very famous product Tim Swim Conditioning shampoo that is very helpful in chlorine pools. Preventing continuous strips and damaging of hair, the shampoo gently gives a personal hair care for all the swimmers. Tim Swim products have been generated in the 10’s of millions for retailers including Walmart, Sephora, Target, Ulta, Walgreens, CVS and many more. A huge number of people have felt an amazing experience while launching products. The inventor of this product has rightly combined the knowledge and expertise for developing great personal care product and has understood the need for a world class shampoo that actually works. He has created the product good enough to put his own name behind and launched Tim Swim. The Tim Swim Anti-chlorine conditioning shampoo is the only product in the market that has been developed, tested and owned by a competitive swimmer. Tim Swim is a salon quality product that is strong enough for swimmers and gentle for everyone else. It is created from sulfate free formula that is intended to be a non-foaming conditioning wash thereby gently cleaning and conditioning the hair and scalp, also removing chlorine leaving hair soft and highly manageable. Sulfates are kept fee in this conditioner since these are detergents that can strip hair, making them dry, frizzy and even removing hair color. As swimmers and athletes, it will the last thing you want to see your hair like that. Sulfates also remove the natural oils from hair and scap making them brittle and irritating skin and also cause dandruff.

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