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Timex is the most recognizable name in watches and timekeeping today. With a 150-year history, their watches have stood the test of time even as the digital wave of timekeeping has grown in popularity. Timex was originally founded in the 1850s as the Waterbury Clock Company, making timekeeping affordable for American families by using mass-produced brass movements in manufacturing. By the 1900s, Waterbury had developed a watch that took the nation by storm; everyone was wearing the "Yankee" and it cost only $1. Waterbury also received exclusive rights to create watches with the Disney character Mickey Mouse on the face, an exclusive license that led to the sale of over two million of these limited edition watches in the 1930s. Waterbury was able to use its experience from World War I in wartime research and development to mass produce reliable watches for soldiers and other army personnel involved in World War II. As the Timex model became a household name in the 1960s, the company began to invest more in it's marketing efforts and by the 1970s, was renamed the Timex Corporation. By the 1980's Timex had introduced its triathlon division, which was created in a partnership between professional athletes and industrial designers to create a sports watch that would become the world's largest selling sports watch. The 1990s to current day brought further technological innovations in digital and analog watches. Timex has grown to employ over 7000 people on four continents, including headquarters in France, India, Brazil, the Phillipines, Jerusalem, and many others.

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