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    YLON-A® provides snorkels, monofin bags and swim caps for all aquatic activities including finswimming, water sliding and swim apnea enthusiasts. Founded by Theo-Patrick Fourcade, former member of the French Teams of Finswimming and Apnea, YLON-A® was created to capture and share the spirit and state of mind of these particular aquatic athletes in a singular, defining trademark. These athletes share a free spirited, free flowing nature, an unbridled zest for life that personifies inspiration. This is the spirit YLON-A® products define and aim to capture. Translated, YLON means “A”quatic inspiration. This inspiration is derived from athletes who in a defining instant, in the proverbial heat of the moment, find themselves in perfect harmony and at peace with themselves and their environment. This harmony enables them to achieve their peak performance through fluid and seemingly effortless perfection of movement, technique and control in that moment, doing so with a conscience of total confidence in their ability. YLON-A® products are designed in this same fashion, to reflect supreme confidence, performance, control and capability, and they are worn and known by aquatic athletes in over 40 countries around the globe.

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