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Bathing Caps

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Aqua Sphere Aqua Comfort Swim Cap

Aqua Sphere Cap Aqua Comfort

View $18.95

1 Review
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Swim Cap

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Cap

View $16.95

1 Review
Water Gear Old Fashioned Gum Rubber Pool Swim Cap

Rubber Swim Caps

View $5.95

1 Review

bathing caps

As usual Speedo is manufacturing very nice Bathing Caps

Main purpose of Bathing caps is to hold your hair while swimming laps or while water exercising.

Nowadays - Manufactures make bathing caps with rubber or silicone. Silicone bathing caps are extremely comfortable.
Most of them of a chin straps that help swimmers or water aerobic enthusiasts keep the bathing caps in place.

Alternative to Bathing Caps

We strongly recommend Lycra Swim Caps.