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kids swim caps

Tyr has become our #1 seller in this category for about one year now! Bravo Tyr

Kids Swim Caps additional information

Lively, bold, and fun are what you’ll likely find when selecting kids swim caps.  These caps come in a variety of designs, colors, and cartoon characters that will have your tyke wanting to wear that cap.  The bold colors and bright design patterns common in these caps make it easier to spot your child in the water.  Features like protruding fins and ears with dynamic, detailed artwork make these caps exciting and fun.  There are probably many adults that wish they could wear these caps.  And while the designs and artwork are probably the biggest selling points, most kids swim caps are made of silicone and are easier to get on and off, while the use of anti-slip ribbing will keep these caps in place.  Kids swim caps also are an excellent way of protecting a child's hair from prolonged exposure to the harmful elements of the sun and the water.