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Stay Warm during Triathlon or Open Swim with Neoprene Swim Caps.

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Neoprene Swim Caps

Neoprene is a thicker synthetic material designed for increased comfort and insulation.

If you're an open water swimmer, take a look at wetsuits, goggles from Aqua Sphere designed for open water, and other triathlon gear.

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Tyr Warmwear Cap

Tyr Warmwear Swim Cap

View $7.95

1 Review
Tyr Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap

Tyr Hi-vis Neoprene Swim Cap

View $23.95

2 Reviews
Water Gear Ear Wrap

Neoprene Headband

View $5.76 - 6.50

Tyr Neoprene Swim Cap

Tyr Neoprene Swim Cap

View $21.18 - 24.95