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Neoprene Swim Gear for Those REALLY Cold Days!

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Stay Warm

Staying warm during open water competition is extremely important, not only for comfort but also for performance! Warm muscles are strong muscles! With neoprene socks, gloves, and caps, you can stay warm in even the coldest waters.

If you also want to keep warm before or after the swim, you should look into purchasing a Swim Parka or a set of warm ups.

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Tyr Hi-vis Neoprene Swim Cap

Tyr Hi-vis Neoprene Swim Cap

$24.96 - $26.52 $29.99

2 Reviews
Tyr Warmwear Swim Cap

Tyr Warmwear Swim Cap

$12.96 $14.99

1 Review
Tyr Neoprene Swim Cap

Tyr Neoprene Swim Cap

$24.15 - $26.53 $29.99

Blueseventy Skull Cap

Blueseventy Skull Cap

$25.95 $28.00