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Swim Caps

Swim caps are one of the most useful products in our sport. Swim caps hold your hair, protect your hair against chlorine and is fashionable. Some swim caps allow you to swim faster and some protect you against the cold. Coaches encourage their swimmers to wear team custom swim caps, so swimmers can identify themselves with the team. Swim caps are everywhere in a swimming pool.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about swim caps:

1) Do swim caps keep your hair dry?
    No, swim caps do not keep your hair dry. The main purpose of swim caps is to keep your hair out of your face.
2) What swim cap should I wear?
    It depends on what you are doing in the water - racing, training, water aerobics, open water, etc ...

3) Do you sell swim caps for people with long hair?
    Yes we do. Manufacturers have finally made larger swim caps for people with long hair. Shop our long hair swim caps >>

4) Do you recommend a specific swim cap?
    Again, it really depends on what you are doing in the water - here are our suggestions:

5) How to care for a swim cap?
    We suggest rinsing your swim cap after racing or practice with clear water. Dry the swim cap inside-out. When the swim cap is dry, use some baby powder inside. This will prevent the swim cap from sticking to itself. This doesn't apply to Lycra swim caps.

6) How long a swimming cap last?
    If you use the care information above, swimming caps can last a few months. If not, the swim caps could be unwearable after few days or weeks.

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What Customers Are Saying...


Reviewing: Nike Flat Latex Swim Cap

Great product


Nike never disappoints with this sleek swim cap!


Reviewing: Tyr Solid Latex Swim Cap


Nancy Norvell, Shawnee, OK | Apr 7 2015

all of us like this cap too.


Reviewing: Tyr Lycra Swim Cap

swim cap

Nancy Norvell, Shawnee, OK | Apr 7 2015

Others in my class want to buy this one also.