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Technical Swimwear

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Speedo Aquablade Jammer Male

Swim Jammers Aquablade

View $49.95

2 Reviews
Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer X High Waist Jammer Male

Lzr Racer X High Waist

View $359.00

1 Review
Tyr Tracer B-Series Jammer Male

Tyr Tracer B-series Jammer

View $191.99

1 Review
Tyr Fusion 2 Racer Male

Tyr Fusion 2 Racer

View $36.79

1 Review
Blueseventy Nero TX Jammer Male

Blueseventy Nero Tx Jammer

View $199.00

1 Review

Also called Racing Swimwear!

This is our High Tech swimsuit category for Men. These technical swimwear are recommended for competitive swimming only. Do NOT use these for practices , warm up or warm down. Otherwise the swimsuits won't last long.

Most Popular Brand in our Racing Swimwear Category!

By far the most popular brand is: Speedo with Speedo USA

Arena is following very close however.

Technical Swimwear: Jammer vs. Brief?

By far, swim jammers are most popular in this category. We believe: The more coverage you can get the faster you will swim. Swim jammers are a bit more expensive but they are better swimsuits.

Racing swimwear for Women

Of course similar swimsuits - called Technical swimsuits or Racing Swimsuits - are available for Women >>>Technical swimsuits for Women >>>