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Technical Swimwear

There are currently no products available.

Also called Racing Swimwear!

This is our High Tech swimsuit category for Men. These technical swimwear are recommended for competitive swimming only. Do NOT use these for practices , warm up or warm down. Otherwise the swimsuits won't last long.

Most Popular Brand in our Racing Swimwear Category!

By far the most popular brand is: Speedo with Speedo USA

Arena is following very close however.

Technical Swimwear: Jammer vs. Brief?

By far, swim jammers are most popular in this category. We believe: The more coverage you can get the faster you will swim. Swim jammers are a bit more expensive but they are better swimsuits.

Racing swimwear for Women

Of course similar swimsuits - called Technical swimsuits or Racing Swimsuits - are available for Women >>>Women's Technical swimsuits >>>