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Dermaswim Pro

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11 Reviews

DermaSwim Pro pre-swimming lotion is formulated to block the absorption of chlorine into the skin during swimming. This helps prevent eczema, drying, ...

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DermaSwim Pro pre-swimming lotion is formulated to block the absorption of chlorine into the skin during swimming. This helps prevent eczema, drying, itching, cholirne odor and pool rash. Designed by competitive swimmers, DermaSwim Pro is suitable for all ages and swimming levels.

1 bottle, 8 oz.

11 Reviews

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Nancy Norvell, Shawnee, OK

it works in countering the chlorine.


Great lotion


Very good lotion, smells good. My son used to have rash after swimming classes on his neck and other parts. This lotion help him continue swimming without harsh irritations.


Good stuff


My son has not had skin problem since i started applying this lotion prior to his practice. Finally he gets to enjoy the pool.


Outstanding Swim Protection

John Rodwick, Fruita, CO

Have used Dermaswim Pro for years and it's the best prevention for skin drying / itching available. Although the 8 oz tube is somewhat pricey, a small amount per application can last several days since you never need to wash off the product. Highly recommended especially for those of us who swim in chlorinated pools.



Betsey, New

This lotion really works!! No one should swim in a chlorinated pool without this product!Love,Love it!



Anne, New

If you are a swimmer, you HAVE TO use this product! It really works!!!! My entire family uses it, even my kids! It's so nice not to smell like the pool any more!!



bswim, NJ

No one should swim without this stuff!!!My entire family uses it!!



Sonya, Tinley Park, IL

I have a 10 year old daughter (African American) who is on a swim team and she practices Monday thru Friday. Before buying DermaSwim she complained of itching and dry skin every day (even though she had a daily shower and lotioned her skin). She uses the product before swimming and it has made a HUGE difference. Her skin maintains more moisture and the itching is more complaints. The only disadvantage to this product is that is doesn't come in a bigger bottle. It really works!!!!


Dermaswim Pro

Pete, Iowa

This product really does work. It is very greasy. I only use it on my trouble areas and everything is more chlorine rash.


Dermaswim Pro Rock!

Max, San Francisco

This product works! I almost give up swimming because of the rash on my skin from the pool water. Dermaswim Pro is my new best friend. Thank you for creating this miracle product.


Dermaswim Pro works

ann, nevada

I had been getting a blotchy rash on my face which would last three or four days from swimming in the chlorinated pool at my gym. This problem has been resolved simply by applying a small amount of Dermaswim Pro to my face (avoiding the goggle area). No problems for my sensitive skin! It's also been great on arms and legs--no more prickly itching after swimming.

Ref: 3BWTR-7390

Product ID: E2005-5

Derma Pro

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