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Finis Aquarius Fin product image

Finis Aquarius Monofin Swim Fin

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Transform any swimmer into an elegant mermaid! The Aquarius monofin was inspired by the legendary tales and vibrant colors of the sea to encourage its users to experience the magic of swimming. Designed for teens and adults, the Aquarius monofin has a larger foot pocket and surface area compared to the Mermaid monofin. The adjustable foot strap and strategically placed vents allow you to swim at high speeds while maintaining proper technique. It promotes the equal use of up and down kicks for optimal glide and grace through the water.

Product Features:
  • Teaches a balanced dolphin kick and builds leg strength
  • TPR foot pocket is comfortable and prevents chafing or skin irritation
  • Vibrant colors inspired by the sea
  • Increases water confidence with a unique style of swimming
  • Activates both mind and body


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