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Original Swedish Goggles


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14 Reviews

The most popular goggles among experienced, college-age swimmers. Product Features include: A ready-to-assemble racing design with a smooth seal and shatter ...

Product ID: G9711



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The most popular goggles among experienced, college-age swimmers.

Product Features include:
  • A ready-to-assemble racing design with a smooth seal and shatter resistant lens.
  • Complete with string nose bridge and double strap.

VIDEO: How to Assemble Swedish Goggles

14 Reviews

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It is not of the jewel collection


quality of product


this item arrived unassembled


Straps r problem

tony, California

Upgrade to a bungee and you will have goggles that last forever. best goggles ever if you like the no gasket design


To albert napast on straps

Brittany, Jax florida... Cjfigueroa

They will do this if they r left outside in humidity as well as i u just set them down and dont allow them to dry right, you should have them in the house and not in a bag and if you are doing this try hanging them on a doorknob with straps apart and baby powder helps to soak up the moisture. You definately can buy just the straps and i have never used anything other than these goggles, they are great and my son uses them as well. Email if you have questions


Swedish Goggles

Mike, Las Vegas, NV

I first started wearing these when i was about 7yrs old and have never found any goggles that compare to the quality of these. If you have problems with the rubber straps snapping and gooing up, just buy the elastic straps for them. the elestic straps are awesome i have had a pair of those straps on my swedish pair for about 3 years now and they still work great. Best Googles in my opinion just add the elastic straps and they cant be beat!


straps, Santa

I love these goggles but the straps dissolve. Can you get the straps separately ?


I refuse to wear any other goggles

David, Indianapolis, IN

I've been wearing these goggles for 17 years and will not buy anything else. The value for the money you spend is unmatched.


the straps

albert napast, bradford, Canada

why does the rubber of the straps turn to goo, ie they get all sticky then they with a little tension on them they snap. this happens after just months with some , i've had them last almost an entire year before they turn. is there a solution to this problem? please help. or can i buy just the strap?


great goggle

bob, colorado

great goggle


the best goggles ever!

Kadar He, San Jose

These goggles are used by many olympic champions and world record holders, including aaron peirsol, brendan hansen, garrett weber gale. These goggles are the best because it fits really well on the eye socket. It is very light, and does not create a lot of drag. I reccomend this to anyone who is wanting to buy a pair of goggles. These goggles are easy to assemble, and no other goggles can beat the price!


Swedish are good for the $

josh, Cape Cod

these goggles are not the most comfortable for longer swims, but for sprints they have hardly any drag and are very light. They need to be tight though, otherwise when you dive in they might fall off. i use them for the 50, and for just swimming in a pond, because if you lose them they don't cost much to replace.



Katie, Arkansas

I've been swimming for twelve years, and the sweeds are the only goggles I'll use anymore.

Ref: Q60FT-1291