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Shower Gel For Swimmers

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8 Reviews

Swimmer's Own is a refreshing shower gel formulated for swimmers. Its ingredients work together to remove chlorine and its odor, while Vitamin E and ...

Product ID: E2001-104

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Swimmer's Own is a refreshing shower gel formulated for swimmers. Its ingredients work together to remove chlorine and its odor, while Vitamin E and Aloe Vera help soften and moisturize the skin. Shower with Swimmer's Own each time you swim to keep skin fresh and chlorine-free.

Product Details include:
  • Refreshing Shower Gel that removes Chlorine, perspiration, grime and dirt
  • Neutralizes Chlorine and Bromine
  • Moisturizes with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
  • Paraben Free
  • Cotton Blossom scent

8 Reviews

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Shower Gel For Swimmers


good product I've been using for many years.


shower gel


good product


Great Product

TNuckles, Jonesboro, AR

This is the best chlorine removing Shower Gel. I swim daily and I have used them all and this is the best!


Great Shower Gel

Tina, Jonesboro

This Shower Gel is great! It really gets rid of the chlorine smell and softens the skin! I recommend it for anyone who swims on a regular basis.



Douglas, California

helps remove chlorine residue from my skin and reduce associated dryness. I like that it is unscented (I hated scented products), and it is very effective at removing the smell of chlorine from my skin. Its easiest to apply on a bath sponge ball, and then one squirt is enough to lather my entire body. Good stuff, if a little high priced.


Swimmers's own gel review

Rob M, Dayton, Ohio

Product does OK removing the chlorine, but does not lather well in the soft water here in Ohio. It also really drys out your skin. My container was pretty watered down so I ended up using it up pretty quickly at the community pool showers. I ran through a bottle in about 2.5 weeks or about 10-12 showers. I've used other products in the past that last longer and do a better job at removing the chlorine. Would not purchase this product again.


Loving The Swimmers Gel

Tonia, Denver,

After years of swimming and smelling like a bottle of bleach, I have finally found a product that gets rid of the chlorine smell!!!! I recently purchased a bottle and was a little skeptical about its claim to get rid of the smell. After a weekend swim, I showered with the product and it does actually work. I agree with the previous reviewer in that it is runny, and does appear to be watered down, but I will continue to buy it as long as it works!!



Mary, Washington, DC

I've been buying this product for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed using it and have even shared it with other swimmer's at the pool. However, I've noticed that the formula has been changed or diluted or something because it isn't as thick and luxurious as it was in the last order I purchased before this one. When I would squeeze the gel onto my scrungy it was sit just sit there (which I loved); now, it goes straight through it as though its been watered down. I'm not going to send back the other 11 bottles, but please consider changing the formula back to its original thickness!! This watered down version is not the answer!!!!!

Ref: SDTG4-2533