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Power In Triathlon

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If a triathlon book or a workout log isn’t going to quite capture your interest, don’t worryyou can still gain a competitive ...

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If a triathlon book or a workout log isn’t going to quite capture your interest, don’t worry- you can still gain a competitive advantage as you prepare for your triathlon. Instead, why not try watching a DVD to get the best tips and techniques from the experts? JR Rosania, named “America’s Top Trainer” by Men’s Journal, shares his extensive knowledge about the needs of all different types of triathletes.

His three part presentation reveals the program’s components, exercises to improve your overall strength and efficiency, and how to combine those exercises into a personalized workout that will give you an edge in your training. Once you learn the exercises, which vary from core and lower back, push/pull, function legs, and rotator cuff, you can create your own plan to do two-three times per week. By knowing such a variety of exercises, you can always add or remove one from your program if you need to work harder, slow things down, or to accommodate a change in your goals.

Rosania also designed the program to require very few pieces of equipment, namely, a pair of both light and heavy dumbbells, exercise tubing, a high bench, a Swiss and medicine ball, and a timer. He maintains that by investing in these few pieces and learning the exercises in the DVD, you can set yourself up success for your triathlon.

35 minutes.

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