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Tyr Hydrovision Swim Mask

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3 Reviews

Smaller mask size has a universal fit. Fits both children and adults. Product Features include: Features large lens for maximum visibility. ...

Product ID: LGHMSK



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Smaller mask size has a universal fit. Fits both children and adults.

Product Features include:
  • Features large lens for maximum visibility.
  • Soft hypo-allergenic silicone gasket skirt provides a watertight seal.
  • Features engineered easy-adjust head strap with wide/narrow split and molded grooves to ensure a secure fit.
  • Optical grade polycarbonate lenses are anti-fog and UV protected.

3 Reviews

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Hydrovision Swim Mask


I cannot get a seal at all on this mask and will have to return it! I hope you have an excellent return policy. I am disappointed the product did not work as I expected, because this is exactly the type of product I want.




Only needed minor adjustments to keep the water out


Great mask - depending ....

terry, orlando fl

For the past 4 years, I typically swim 2,000 yards or meters per continuous session, 4-5 sessions per week, in regulation pools in central Florida. I've used the clear, smoke, or metallized models of Tyr Hydrovision goggles throughout almost all of those sessions. Despite trying many Speedo, AquaSphere, and other well-known brands and models, only AquaSphere comes close and it's still a rather distant second. The best by far is the metallized triathlete model: I've used over a dozen of these with consistently great and comfortable fit, very little or no leakage at all, with nice wide field of view. Even with careful handling these are not very durable, however: anti-fog coating is gone and scratches and clouding are problems after 3-4 months or less, depending on care and handling and level of use. The anti-fog coating is especially weak, but they do remain watertight and comfortable. The smoke-lens model is about the same. I have not tried the blue lens model. The clear lens model has been a problem for me. I prefer clear lenses for indoor swimming or cloudy days outside, especially for laps in the deep diving well at the YMCA Aquatic Center, for example. But of the 4 or 5 of these I've tried, none have been watertight, leaking upon entry or within the first 1-2 laps and then filling quickly to the point of uselessness. Strap readjustments, facial repositioning, etc., do not help. I'm returning another one of these today to swap again, to try the clear-lens model one last time. If it fails again I'll switch to another brand just for clear lenses for indoor use. The following evaluations apply ONLY to the metallized and smoke models of the goggles. The clear lens model rate much lower for me: "FIT" would be "POOR" or "TERRIBLE" due to leakage; "DURABILITY" would be "UNKNOWN" since I've never been able to use this model long enough to find out. "COST" would be the same. FIT: Excellent (5 stars) - watertight every time, never leaks if properly seated, easily done with the quick-adjust straps. Best of all, the 'all-around' fit doesn't create the suck-out-your-eyeballs discomfort of the socket-cup design commonly used. DURABILITY: Average or lower (2-3 stars) - the anti-fog and scratch-resistance coatings (interior and exterior) begin to disappear within the first month or so (about 20-30 hours of use). Meticulous recommended care helps but only moderately. The good news is that the watertight seal, fit, and comfort remain, presumably indefinitely; I don't really know how long those factors might last because I replace them due to loss of vision clarity as noted. COST: Reasonable (3-4 stars) - a bit more expensive than the usual facegear for water workouts, but acceptable as distance-workout gear. Searching the web yields good prices in the mid to low $20s per item depending on model (lower for smoke and clear lenses). CAUTION: this is a 'one size fits all' mask, but I've only seen it fail for very small child or very large adult heads, where the curvature of the head defeats the range of fit the mask's construction will provide. I would guess kids above 7 or 8 years old and adults with a hat size of 7-3/4 or less should do fine. Perfectionists may also argue that this mask is a poor choice for meet competition since its drag in the water is likely to exceed that of the socket-sucking eyecup models, but this is a great mask for distance workouts or competition, or for triathlon or other open-water events where that's probably a negligible difference compared to other factors.

Ref: 83C4B-2797