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Tyr Solid 4in Nylon Trainer Male

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3 Reviews

Our 4-Inch Nylon Trainer showcases the comfort needed to put in long hours in the pool and the durability to last swim after swim. ...

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Our 4-Inch Nylon Trainer showcases the comfort needed to put in long hours in the pool and the durability to last swim after swim.

Product Details include:
  • UPF 50+ Protection.
  • Durable Mesh Drag Suit
  • Comfortable, Flexible Fit
  • Adjustable Drawcord Waist
  • TYR Fabrication: Double Layered 100% Antron® Nylon

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3 Reviews

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Don, West Coast U.S.A.

I have worn 100% nylon suits in the past starting in high school and liked the fit and feel. As time went on I got away from them and started purchasing the nylon/spandex style suits. One day while shopping at a retail store where I purchased the majority of my suits I asked them about 100% nylon suits and they talked about TYR. They didn’t carry it in the store but offered to special order for me. I am so glad I did and I have been getting more as time has gone on. The suits are durable double lined and yes like most swim wear you need to try them on first. No matter what your waist size is every suit fits differently. My current waist size measures 35” but most suits I buy since there are no odd sizes are size 36”. These TYR training suits fit me perfectly. I typically will not buy a suit that does not have a drawstring and of course since these are training/water polo they do have the drawstring. My first pair of back ones are several years old and do not show any real signs of wear. In my opinion these are one of the best suits made and I am hoping they keep making them.


Men's TYR Solid Nylon Trainer

Thomas, Los Angeles, CA

This is the best trainer suit I've ever found. It's durable. Looks great. Fits well and a very decent price. Highly recommend.


Only suit to buy!

Kris, Sisters

I've tried a number of other speedo suits--all with material blends, lycra ect. They don't hold up! Suits become baggy and "transparent" after just a few months. The Tyr nylon suit is perfect. Great fit, light feel, no shedding of fuzzy fabric, lasts a long long time. Other stores did not carry the Tyr nylon in my size. Swim 2000 did and at a great price. Thanks.

Ref: F5VMD-2725