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Speedo Goggles Types

Your swim is about to get a whole lot clearer-not to mention more comfortable, less restrictive and much sleeker.

We have the perfect goggle fit for you

At Speedo, we understand that no two faces are alike, so why should your goggles be? We develop goggles that provide flexibility, comfort, and ease of adjustment. With the new Goggle Optics Fit system Speedo is going a step further and defining great fit and comfort, giving you optimal performance, regardless of your use.

Inner Eye Fit

Sleek, snug, low profile fit.

Get a precision fit with the sleek, snug, low profile inner eye fit. The gasket rests snugly and securely in the eye socket

Middle Eye Fit

Moderate fit for a wide range of faces.

A comfortable fit for a wide range of faces. The gasket rests within the eye orbital with a less restricting feel.

Outer Eye Fit

Most generous and universal fit outside the eye socket

Expand your comfort with the outer eye fit. This gasket shape offers the most universal fit outside your eye socket with the security and reliability of Speedo's other goggles.

Mask Fit

Comfortably surround the entire eye orbit

Get full coverage and comfort with Speedo's mask fit. Regardless of your activity this skirt shape is sure to provide optimal comfort and security during use.