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Tyr Swim Caps

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Tyr Swim Caps: Silicone

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Tyr Swim Caps: Latex




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Tyr Swim Caps: Kids




Complimentary information about Tyr Swim Caps

Tyr swim caps, like all Tyr swimming apparel, equipment and accessories, focus on delivering quality and improving performance. Co-founded in 1985 by Olympic medalist Steve Furness and Joseph DiLorenzo, Tyr swim caps are the result of extensive research and testing. Aquatic athletes everywhere know the commitment to quality that goes into manufacturing Tyr swim caps, and this is verified with Tyr swim caps being some of the most popular swim caps in the marketplace.

The research and development team responsible for all Tyr swim caps constantly strives for the nothing but the best. Long hours are spent testing and retesting Tyr swim caps, and competition in the offices at Tyr is just as intense as any top level competition in the water. The very people responsible for Tyr swim caps lean on that competitive nature and ensure that no detail will go unnoticed. This competitive spirit guarantees Tyr swim caps will always feature the latest, most advanced technologies, and also that Tyr swim caps will always provide the consumer with the quality and function they desire.

Tyr swim caps are available in a variety of designs and materials that are suited for any aquatic endeavor. Triathletes and open water swimmers may opt for Tyr swim caps made from Neoprene due to the increased insulating effect Neoprene as a material provides, helping to protect the swimmer from hypothermia. Latex Tyr swim caps are used for both training and competition while Tyr swim caps made of silicone are the preferred choice of competitive swimmers due in part to the durability and the drag reduction silicone provides. Silicone Tyr swim caps also provide the tightest barrier possible against the head in comparison to Tyr swim caps made of other materials, making silicone Tyr swim caps the best option for keeping hair dry and protecting hair from the elements in the water. There are also a number of styles, designs, patterns and colors to choose from when selecting Tyr swim caps, including customizing options for individual, team or club needs in addition to an array of fun, colorful and outrageous design options for kids and adults as well, all possessing the quality that Tyr swim caps and the Tyr brand are known for.