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Customer Feedback:

CARMEN on Oct 12, 2015


I ordered my package on September 10, it is now October 12 and it is still not here. It ended up in Japan and then Brazil (when I am here in Canada). I emailed your customer service, and they were great! She emailed the Brazilian post office and got everything sorted out. It is now on it's way to me. Not happy about my package ending up on the other side of the world- but very happy with your customer service!

GRIT on Oct 8, 2015


good shopping

JANIS on Oct 5, 2015


easy to complete order on internet. I called the following morning to see if I could change the size from 9 to 8 (my memory of my current pair was wrong. The CS rep. was very courteous and made the change without any problem, which I appreciated as I otherwise would have to had sent back and exchanged. Sent e-mail to confirm.

Valeria on Oct 5, 2015


Overall great experience! Will definetely use again!

PETER on Oct 5, 2015


I would definitely do business with Swim2000 again. I have not had a chance to try the items out yet.

MARK on Oct 4, 2015


Easy to order. Fast delivery. Will be back!

Kyoko on Oct 3, 2015


I purchased this swim suit with my daughter's high school swim team. She really likes the swimsuit, but she and many of her teammates are complating about their shoulder rubbing by their swimsuit. Every time they are done with their swim meet, I see many red irritated shoulders...

THOMAS on Oct 1, 2015


Was very good

JILL on Sep 30, 2015


Very pleased with my interaction with

Herb on Sep 29, 2015


Arrived very quickly and exactly what I ordered ... very impressed with you folks.

DEIRDRE on Sep 29, 2015


All OK

VALENTIN on Sep 27, 2015


Arrived within 5 business days. Thank you. Got in time for the meet.

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