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Adidas Paint Brush Geo Polyester Stitch-Back Female

Adidas Paint Brush Geo Polyester Stitch-Back Female
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About Adidas

Adidas® has been a brand that symbolizes performance excellence on the biggest stages the world has to offer for more than 60 years. The brainchild of Adi Dassler, the Adidas brand has been worn by a number of sports icons who have achieved greatness in a variety of sporting disciplines. Innovative thinking and a principle of ‘no athlete left behind’ formed a company where ‘Impossible is Nothing.’

Adidas, first and foremost, was all about shoes, and the Olympic Games were the stage Adidas dominated. Olympic greats including Bob Beamon, Emil Zatopek, Wilma Rudolph, Al Oerter, Billy Mills, Nadia Comaneci, Vasiliy Alekseyev, Alberto Juantorena and many others won gold wearing ‘The Brand with the 3 Stripes.’ Sports icons Rod Laver, Arthur Ashe, Stan Smith and Kareem Abdul Jabbar achieved championship glory with Adidas, as did countless individuals and teams worldwide on all levels and in every sport that awards a championship. Even Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, wore the Adidas symbol during his performance excellence and championship glory.

Today, Adidas is much more than a recognizable, quality championship shoe brand. Drawing on years of excellence, Adidas is a force in both athletic performance and leisure apparel. Adidas has expanded over the years and now includes a number of companies known for their innovation and excellence under the Adidas Group umbrella. Athletes from all over the world rely on the excellence Adidas has symbolized for over 6 decades, giving the Adidas Group a foothold in the sports industry that started with footwear and continues today with a diversity of championship products that ensure Adidas excellence for decades to come.