The start of the summer brings with it backyard barbeques, family gatherings, kids home for the summer and rising temperatures.  When it’s hot out and the kids are nagging you to take them to the pool, the beach or any water locale, you need to be absolutely certain of their safety.  Swim2000 offers a wide variety of flotation aids that will keep your kids safe in the water, and keep you worry free at the same time.

Looking to spend quality pool time with your infant?  Wet Products offers My Baby Float™, a great way to spend time with an infant in the water.  My Baby Float™ is a variation of the standard inner tube design.  It features a small inner ring that combines with a large outer ring to provide excellent stability in the water, while the pillow backrest and seat straps provide a soft, comfortable harness for your infant to splash away in.  For the child who wants a bit more freedom, try the Speedo® Float Coach on for size.  A modified vest design, the Float Coach helps children learn to float on their backs and features adjustable shoulder, side and padded leg straps for a secure and comfortable fit.  These and many more quality products at Swim2000 will keep infants and toddlers safe, occupied and satisfied in the water this summer.  Remember, safety first…and enjoy the water!

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