Tyr Torque Pro Swimskins

Ready to take your swim to the next level? Tyr Torque Pro Swimskin can take you there!


Designed to be first out of the water. Twice.

Kona 2011. First, came Andy Potts, taking the men’s swim by 1 minute 54 seconds in his Torque swimskin. Then, came Amanda Stevens, winning the women’s by a full 2 minutes. More competitors at Kona wore Torque than any other swimskin.

The Torque Swimskin Series is comprised of some of the most advanced technologies in Triathlon.

The Torque Pro features a revolutionary fabric never before seen in the sport. It’s comprised of a Hydrophilic Outer Layer with an ultra low drag coefficient of .021. Hydrophobic Inner Layer employs a 0.5% water absorption rate. Composite Knit Fabric offers a form-fit for minimal drag without sacrificing flexibility.

Lastly, the Pro Series features a durable coil zipper that cuts valuable seconds off the transition and the Secure Beaded Grip to make sure your suit stays exactly where you want from start to finish.


Purchase the men’s style and the women’s style from Swim2000 today!

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