Tyr Swimsuits Women Back Styles Guide

Tyr Swimsuits Back Styles – Which one do you prefer?

A favorite brand of serious swimmers everywhere, Tyr creates quality products for competitive and aquatic fitness swimmers across the board. Learn more about the different styles of female swimwear they make here!

Tyr Swimsuits Maxback


– Medium Neckline
– Thick, Supportive Straps
– Keyhole Back
– Moderate Cut Leg

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Tyr Diamondback


– Medium Neckline
– Sleek, Flexible Straps
– Keyhole Back
– Moderate Cut Leg

Shop Diamondfit Tyr Swimsuits Here

Tyr Crossback


– Medium Neckline
– Sleek, Flexible Straps
– Open Back
– Moderate Cut Leg

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Tyr Thin-X Back


– Low Neckline
– Sleek, Flexible Straps
– Low Back Styling
– High Cut Leg

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Tyr Workout Bikini


– Moderate Coverage Top and Bottom
– Sleek, Flexible Straps
– Adjustable Drawcord Waist

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Tyr Controlback


– High Neckline
– Wide Strap Support
– High Back
– Conservative Leg Line
– Power Mesh
– Contour Cup

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