Swedish Goggles are available in new colors – Jewel Collection!

Have you seen the newest collection of Swedish Goggles? Introducing the must-have…

Jewel Swedish Goggles!

Now you can wear the best goggles in the world and still look stylish! The Jewel Swedish Goggles come in six beautiful new colors, and all have metalized lenses. They’re great for swimming outdoors and any other place with bright lights! Which color is your favorite?

Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Tourmaline


Green/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Sapphire


Blue/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Citrine


Gold/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Diamond


Clear/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Amethyst


Purple/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Spinel


Pink/Silver Mirror
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Why Choose These Swim Goggles?

The Original Swedish Goggles by Malmsten are the first choice for top level swimmers all over the world. They’ve been around since the 1970s so you know they’re good. The simplicity, low price, and ability to customize the fit is a big plus! If you are serious about competitive swimming, these are the swimming goggles for you. Most long time swimmers stick with these goggles once they try them. They won’t use anything else! If you swim for fitness or for fun, they may not be the right choice. There is no padding around the gasket, so it is not as soft as goggles with silicone or foam. The fit is something you must get used to. You also have to assemble the goggles yourself. Some people may not like to do this, but we think it is pretty easy to do! Click here to learn how to put together your new goggles.

Pick your favorite color and grab a pair today – be the first one at your pool to own the new Jewel Swedish Goggles!

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