Speedo Goggles Fit

Speedo Goggles Fit

How do you choose the right pair of swim goggles for you? That’s a tough question. Every person’s face is different, so goggles that are perfect on one person may not work on the next. But thanks to Speedo, a top manufacturer of quality competitive and recreational swim goggles, we can bring you this fit guide! (Speedo Goggles)

Inner Eye Fit

Inner Eye

Best for competitive swimmers, these goggles are low profile and fit securely in the eye socket.
Our Pick: Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Middle Eye Fit

Middle Eye

A middle eye fit goggle will rest within the eye orbital. This is a more comfortable fit than inner eye, but still offers some options for streamlined, drag efficient styles.
Our Pick: Speedo Bullet Goggles

Outer Eye Fit

Outer Eye

Recreational swimmers, this is your choice! Offering the most universal fit, outer eye goggles are comfortable while still being secure and reliable.
Our Pick: Speedo Hydrospex Goggles

Mask Fit


If goggles of every type aren’t comfortable for you or you want an expanded field of vision, consider a swim mask. These are by far the easiest on your eyes and will work well for nearly anyone.
Our Pick: Speedo Hyperfluid Swim Mask

Here are some more guidelines for ensuring your goggles fit well:

  • Without using the strap, push the goggles onto your eyes. If you get a good suction, it’s likely that those goggles are a good fit for you. If they do not stick to your face, they will probably leak in the pool.
  • Some goggles have an adjustable nose bridge. This is good for people who have noses that are larger or smaller than average, and those who have eyes that are close together or far apart. You will usually find adjustable nose bridges on goggles with inner or middle eye fit.

Or you can view our full collection of Speedo Goggles
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