How to Put On a Swim Cap

Swim caps are a great way to protect your hair from harsh pool chemicals. But sometimes they can be a challenge to put on! Use this handy guide to help you get that swim cap on the next time you get in the pool!

Step One - How to Put On a Swim Cap

1) Place your hands inside the cap and lace your fingers together, making a cup shape. Make sure that if your cap has a seam, it faces forward and backward.

Step Two - How to Put On a Swim Cap

2) Keeping your hands in a similar position, pull them apart and stretch the cap, creating a pocket for your head.

Step Three - How to Put On a Swim Cap

3) Pull the cap over your head.

Step Four - How to Put On a Swim Cap

4) Work the edges of the cap around your head, being careful to tuck in any stray hairs. If you have long hair, it might be easier to start with your hair in a loose bun at the back of your head to prevent hair escaping.

Step Five - How to Put On a Swim Cap

5) Make sure the cap goes over your ears, If you wear earplugs, you should insert them before you put on your cap.

Pick the perfect Swim Cap

Latex caps are cheaper, but silicone swim caps are thicker, last longer, and are easier on your hair.

– What about lycra caps? The material is porous, so the moment your head goes under water, your hair is wet. But if you don’t mind it getting wet, or if you don’t plan on putting your head in water, lycra caps are the most comfortable caps available!

– Will a cap keep your head and hair completely dry when swimming? No, no cap can prevent your hair from becoming wet. Caps are designed to minimize the damage chlorine does to your hair, as well as keep hair out of your face. To further protect your hair from chlorine, wet your hair in fresh water before swimming.

– No one likes a ripped cap! To prevent rips, never put your fingernails in contact with the cap. Make sure your fingernails are well trimmed to further prevent rips.

Do you have any questions about how to put on a swim cap? Feel free to ask us in the comments!

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