Speedo Goggles Fit

Speedo Goggles Fit

How do you choose the right pair of swim goggles for you? That’s a tough question. Every person’s face is different, so goggles that are perfect on one person may not work on the next. But thanks to Speedo, a top manufacturer of quality competitive and recreational swim goggles, we can bring you this fit guide!

Inner Eye Fit

Inner Eye

Best for competitive swimmers, these goggles are low profile and fit securely in the eye socket.
Our Pick: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggles

Middle Eye Fit

Middle Eye

A middle eye fit goggle will rest within the eye orbital. This is a more comfortable fit than inner eye, but still offers some options for streamlined, drag efficient styles.
Our Pick: Speedo Bullet Goggles

Outer Eye Fit

Outer Eye

Recreational swimmers, this is your choice! Offering the most universal fit, outer eye goggles are comfortable while still being secure and reliable.
Our Pick: Speedo Hydrospex Goggles

Mask Fit


If goggles of every type aren’t comfortable for you or you want an expanded field of vision, consider a swim mask. These are by far the easiest on your eyes and will work well for nearly anyone.
Our Pick: Speedo Caliber Mirrored Swim Mask

Here are some more guidelines for ensuring your goggles fit well:

  • Without using the strap, push the goggles onto your eyes. If you get a good suction, it’s likely that those goggles are a good fit for you. If they do not stick to your face, they will probably leak in the pool.
  • Some goggles have an adjustable nose bridge. This is good for people who have noses that are larger or smaller than average, and those who have eyes that are close together or far apart. You will usually find adjustable nose bridges on goggles with inner or middle eye fit.

Leave us a comment if you have any more questions!

Swedish Goggles are available in new colors – Jewel Collection!

Have you seen the newest collection of Swedish Goggles? Introducing the must-have…

Jewel Swedish Goggles!

Now you can wear the best goggles in the world and still look stylish! The Jewel Swedish Goggles come in six beautiful new colors, and all have metalized lenses. They’re great for swimming outdoors and any other place with bright lights! Which color is your favorite?

Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Tourmaline


Green/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Sapphire


Blue/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Citrine


Gold/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Diamond


Clear/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Amethyst


Purple/Silver Mirror
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Original Jewel Swedish Goggles - Spinel


Pink/Silver Mirror
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Why Choose These Swim Goggles?

The Original Swedish Goggles by Malmsten are the first choice for top level swimmers all over the world. They’ve been around since the 1970s so you know they’re good. The simplicity, low price, and ability to customize the fit is a big plus! If you are serious about competitive swimming, these are the swimming goggles for you. Most long time swimmers stick with these goggles once they try them. They won’t use anything else! If you swim for fitness or for fun, they may not be the right choice. There is no padding around the gasket, so it is not as soft as goggles with silicone or foam. The fit is something you must get used to. You also have to assemble the goggles yourself. Some people may not like to do this, but we think it is pretty easy to do! Click here to learn how to put together your new goggles.

Pick your favorite color and grab a pair today – be the first one at your pool to own the new Jewel Swedish Goggles!

SwimSpray Chlorine Removal

Chlorine and your health.

Understanding the benefits and minimizing the hazards of chlorine.

Bottle of SwimSpray Chlorine Removal

Why do swimming pools use chlorine?

  • Chlorine is great for keeping pool water, your body, and other swimmers clean.
  • It is a form of bleach that gives pool operators the ability to keep participants safe by adhering to Health Department water quality standards.

The hazards of chlorine and the benefits of using SwimSpray after swimming.

Chlorine bonds to your body and, unless properly neutralized, is often associated with damaging and bleaching hair and also drying and irritating skin.

  • SwimSpray is the first product that removes the chlorine from your hair and skin in a safe, gentle, and all-natural way.
  • SwimSpray leaves your hair soft and moisturized and maintains hair color.
  • SwimSpray keeps your skin from drying out and becoming itchy or irritated.
  • SwimSpray is 100% natural, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and free from artificial colors.
  • SwimSpray is experimentally verified to be 400x more effective than traditional anti-chlorine shampoos and soaps.


“I don’t know how I ever got along without it.”
Chloe Sutton – 2008 & 2012 Olympian

How to Use SwimSpray

Swimmer rinsing pool water from hair


Rinse off the pool water

Swimmer applying SwimSpray Chlorine Removal


Apply about 20 – 30 sprays of SwimSpray to hair and skin.

Swimmer washing hair


Spread and rinse SwimSpray, either by itself or with your favorite soap or shampoo.

Gentle on Hair, Skin and Eyes

SwimSpray is a pH-balanced, pediatrician- and dermatologist-recommended vitamin C technology that is safe for swimmers of all ages – including children.

About SwimSpray

SwimSpray was invented by swimmers for swimmers and is 100% owned and operated by swimmers.

SwimSpray’s mission is to make swimming better for all swimmers by improving swimmer health and education.

Get your bottle of SwimSpray today!

Tyr AP12 Technical Swimwear

Built in America, engineered in the pursuit of gold. We’re going far beyond what was previously thought possible, while remaining true to our core values: innovation, authenticity and American spirit. The AP12 speed-suit defines the physics of fast.


Lightweight, hydrophobic micro-filament textile provides a high level compressive fit with 360 degree core stabilization. 85% Nylon 15 % Lycra.


Specialized seams and sleek designs combine to optimize body position and reduce drag.


Hydrodynamic three-panel design constructed to enhance compression and increase muscle fiber firing.


Smooth, soft and stitch-free for comfort, stability and drag reduction.


Range of Motion straps enable fluidity and explosiveness.


The combination of bonded seams on the inside and four-way lock seams on the outside creates the lowest possible profile, reducing drag.

Get yours here today!

Dolfin Bellas

For the girl who has it all… and isn’t afraid to show it off!

2 swimmers wearing the Dolfin Bellas


Fashion and fit come together in this sleek and trim design.


Smooth fit allows for full range of motion while training.


The same long lasting poly blend used in our ever popular Dolfin Uglies. You know you can wear them hard because you won’t wear them out.

Dolfin Bellas vs. Nike cut-out tank!

Dolfin Swimwear probably decided to launch this new Bellas Collection to compete with the Nike cut-out Tank, that is extremely popular in California among the Teenage Girls.

Dolfin Bellas offer same low cut back and same material.

We suppose that the Dolfin Bellas will be as popular as the Nike model, but because of the nice and flashy colors it will bring variety at the pool.

Dolfin Bellas additional information

Created just for the girls who want minimal coverage and fashionable prints, Dolfin Bellas practice suits are made with the same long lasting Poly blend as the Uglies. Their smooth fit allows for full range of motion while training, and the super thin straps and open back help minimize tan lines during those long outdoor practices.

Product Features:

  • 91% Polyester
  • 9% Spandex
  • Fully-lined
  • Open Back

The Dolfin Bellas come in the following sizes: from size 24 to size 38. This sizing range will meet all swimmers in all ages. You will find one that will you well.

In addition, please note that the Dolfin Bellas also come in a 2-pieces version. Get ready for the Summer. No more tan lines! Visit and shop Swim2000.com and get your Dolfin Bellas.

Get yours here today!

Speedo Men’s Fitness Design Technology

You don’t make the world’s greatest swimwear by settling. Using 85 years of in-water experience, Speedo continually pushes design features to new levels of performance and style.


Keep your locker key and ID card safe with this innovative key pocket.

Buy: Speedo Fitness Compression Square Leg Male


Keep your keys and id safe in this side mesh pocket.

Buy: Speedo HydroVolley Side Stripe with Compression Jammer


Discreetly placed on the back neck, use this loop for your headphones or to hang your rashguards to dry.

Buy: Speedo Playa Volley Short


This is where everything comes together. Our most comfortable seam that eliminates chafing.

Buy: Speedo Fitness Compression Jammer Male


Raised for resistance and enhances compression for better workout.

Buy: Speedo Hydralign Drag Brief Training Suit


Designed for added range of motion

Buy: Speedo Fitness Long Sleeve Rashguard


  • Packs into mesh back pocket
  • Super light ripstop fabric
  • Quick drying
  • Key clip with bungee cord
  • Tech mesh liner
  • Block the Burn UV Protection
  • Stretch

Buy: Speedo Packable Volley Shorts

Speedo Footwear Technology

Creating truly innovative footwear that’s unmatched in comfort and performance comes down to the details. At Speedo, we dissected what we do best and where we could be better to create a line of inspired aquatic style and function. Our constant strive to be better led to new, proprietary technologies, including FluidFlow, S-Trac, reBND foam, and Exsqueeze Me cushioning. Whether you are charging a mountain trail, racing in a triathlon or simply strolling the beach, Speedo footwear delivers superior drainage, traction and comfort.


Vibram is the undisputed leader in high-performance rubber soles. We looked to this trusted partner for a sole with more grip, comfort and durability. They delivered with the TC1, a high-performance rubber compound that reduces slipping on the smoothest, wettest surfaces.

Our Pick: Speedo FST Amphibious Water Shoes Female


Unlike traditional EVA, PlusFoam is crafted from post-consumer, post-manufacturing, scrap and virgin materials to create a nonabsorbent, anti-microbial surface. PlusFoam is not only outperforms traditional EVA. It’s also created to be a landfill neutral and continuously recyclable.

Our Pick: Speedo Blaze Clog Shoes Male


FluidFlow technology promtes water flow and drainage throughout the shoe enhancing quick drying properties. It allows water to freely flow trough the midsole increasing water resistance and drag for a maximum workout. Fluidflow technology quickly drains excess water throughout the outsole preventing absorption and keeping your feet dry.

Our Pick: Speedo Quan Sandals Female


S-TRAC rubber outsoles offer water management and dispersion characteristics providing maximum traction. S-TRAC technology streamlines water away from the outsole and enhances direct surface contact to improve traction and slip resistance.

Our Pick: Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes Male


Engineered to gently mold around ones foot the same way soft, wet sand does, Exsqueeze Me cushioning helps create new levels of comfort and support feel in our sandals and water shoes.

Our Pick: Speedo Exsqueeze Me Rip Slide Sandals Female

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Speedo’s Vanquisher Goggles are our best-selling goggles for many reasons. Their super comfortable inner-eye fit makes them great for both competitive and recreational swimmers. The adjustable nose piece makes it a perfect fit for almost all faces. Last but not least, the huge variety of colors, sizes and finishes mean that there’s a style for every person on the block! Read on to find the perfect pair of Vanquisher Goggles for you!

Vanquisher Goggles

These goggles started it all. If you’re looking for the original classic fit, this is the choice for you. Vanquisher Goggles are available in a variety of colors and finishes, including some made just for the ladies!

Shop Vanquisher Goggles Shop Vanquisher Plus Goggles Shop Women’s Vanquisher Goggles

Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

Didn’t think the original Vanquisher Goggles could get better? Prepare to be proven wrong! The major innovation in the 2.0 line is the improved panoramic vision. See 25% better in these new and improved Vanquishers! Plus, choose from an even more extensive selection of colors and finishes.

Shop Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles Shop Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggles Shop Tie Dye Gasket Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggles

Junior and Kids Vanquisher Goggles

Made just for younger swimmers and those with smaller faces, Junior and Kids Vanquisher Goggles will become your new swim bag staple. Choose from the classic style or the more panoramic 2.0 goggles, in tons of colors and finishes. Junior Vanquishers are recommended for ages 8-12 and Kids Vanquishers for ages 3-8, but individual face shapes may require a smaller or bigger size.

Shop Jr. Vanquisher Plus Goggles Shop Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles Shop Kids Vanquisher Goggles

Optical Vanquisher Goggles

Nearsighted swimmers can enjoy the benefits of Vanquisher Goggles too! With strengths ranging from -1.5 to -8.0, you can swim in comfort without risking damage to your eyes or contact lenses. They are available in clear and smoke lenses for adults, and clear lenses for the junior size.

Shop Vanquisher Optical Goggles Shop Jr. Vanquisher Optical Goggles

Product Spotlight: Speedo Nemesis Fins

Have you seen the newest fins from Speedo? Learn about the most innovative fins on the market!

Speedo Nemesis Fins


The Nemesis fin will become your greatest ally in the pool. The most comfortable fin on the market, with ergonomic foot pocket features and floating properties, which elevate the hips and feet into an improved streamline body position. Utilizing bio-mimicry, the Humpback Whale pectoral fin was part inspiration behind this unique deign.


Scalloped outer edge, like the Humpback Whale’s fin, creates greater surface area for water to pass over versus a smooth, straight edge. This technology creates enhanced propulsion, allowing the swimmer to push more water during kicking drills and training sets.


Medial edge opening are larger on the bottom-side and smaller on the top-side. This creates a valve effect, in which water is captured on the underside and forced trough the smaller opening. Thus, more resistance is created on the down-kick.


Channels on the top and bottom of the fins help guide water in the proper direction and toward the Blow Valves. The Flow Channels also help medially rotate the foot into the the correct orientation for maximum kick efficiency.


IMEVA fins are naturally buoyant, aiding the swimmer with an elevated body position, keeping hips and feet in a more streamline position.


Interior foot pocket was engineered by footwear experts, taking all unique footwear last features into consideration: arch support, more toe space to prevent pinching and cramping, graduated instep for excellent fitting across the mid-foot.


Latticed back heel strap for maximum and comfort around the heel bone and Achilles Tendon area. Unique under-heel strap gives extra stability and security at the heel joint.


Incorporated finger hole on top of fin for ease of getting the fin on the foot

Get yours here today!

Get Rid of Pool Chemicals with Malibu C!

Swimmers, remove the effects of chlorine, bromine and other harsh chemicals from pools from your hair, skin and swimwear with the help of Malibu C products! We’re proud to carry this line of 100% vegan care products and we know our customers will love the effects just as much as we do. Read on to learn more about the products we offer.

Swimmer’s Wellness Shampoo

Malibu C Swimmer's Wellness ShampooGently cleanse and protect against extreme damage from pool chemicals and sea salt that cause breakage and discoloration. Combat crunchy, gummy hair with this pure, 100% vegan, wellness formula free of sodium thiosulfate and other undesired chemicals. For all hair types and all ages!

Swimmer’s Wellness Conditioner

Malibu C Swimmer's Wellness ConditionerShield your hair from chemical and mineral attack naturally. his wellness complex with Aloe dramatically restores radiant shine and vibrant color. Experience this rich blend of proteins and amino acids to promote superior comb-through and ultimate manageability while infusing vital moisture to dehydrated, damaged locks for optimal softness.

Swimmer’s Health and Wellness Beauty Treatment

Malibu C Swimmers Health and Wellness Beauty TreatmentDitch damage and discoloration with this must-have tune-up tool for swimmers’ hair that instantly kicks crunchy, gummy, lifeless locks into tip top shape to reveal the ultimate in softness, swing and shine. Once a week, massage one package of crystals into your wet hair, let sit for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Swimwear Care Crystals

Malibu C SwimWear Care CrystalsExtend the life of your swimwear with just a few shakes! The simple combination of Care Crystals, fresh water and a little elbow grease will save you tons of cash in the future thanks to not having to buy so many swimsuits. Available both in a 3oz shaker and a box of 24 pre-measured 5 gram packs.

Swim and Sport Skin Care Kit

Malibu C Swim & Sport Skin Care KitUsed twice daily and also after every exposure to water or other harsh environmental aggressors, this exclusive, advanced skin care system (facial cleanser, Zinc C serum and moisturizer) provides immediate results superior to any products ever formulated for conditions unique to swimmers and athletes. For those athletes and outdoor types serious about skin care!

Try one or all of the products today! Visit the Malibu C page on Swim2000!