Female Tyr Swimsuits Back Styles Guide

September 19, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming

A favorite brand of serious swimmers everywhere, Tyr creates quality products for competitive and aquatic fitness swimmers across the board. Learn more about the different styles of female swimwear they make here!

Tyr Maxback


- Medium Neckline
- Thick, Supportive Straps
- Keyhole Back
- Moderate Cut Leg

Shop Maxback Tyr Swimsuits Here

Tyr Diamondback


- Medium Neckline
- Sleek, Flexible Straps
- Keyhole Back
- Moderate Cut Leg

Shop Diamondback Tyr Swimsuits Here

Tyr Crossback


- Medium Neckline
- Sleek, Flexible Straps
- Open Back
- Moderate Cut Leg

Shop Crossback Tyr Swimsuits Here

Tyr Thin-X Back


- Low Neckline
- Sleek, Flexible Straps
- Low Back Styling
- High Cut Leg

Shop Tyr Swimsuits Thin-X Back Here

Tyr Workout Bikini


- Moderate Coverage Top and Bottom
- Sleek, Flexible Straps
- Adjustable Drawcord Waist

Shop Workout Bikini Tyr Swimsuits Here

Tyr Controlback


- High Neckline
- Wide Strap Support
- High Back
- Conservative Leg Line
- Power Mesh
- Contour Cup

Shop Controlback Tyr Swimsuits Here

Speedo Fabric Technology

August 23, 2013 in Swimming

The fastest aquatic creatures have one thing in common: sleek, durable skin that lets them slice through the water. Following their lead, we’ve developed revolutionary fabrics that feature exclusive Speedo innovations—the kind that got us voted #1 in quality and value by swimmers like you.


Speedo LZR Pulse
Our exclusive LZR Pulse® material is, simply put, the world’s lightest fabricated textile. It’s also water repellant, chlorine resistant and super-quick to dry. A highly compressive fit reduces musle oscillation and skin vibration for low drag, laser-sharp performance.
Buy LZR PULSE® Suits Here


Speedo PowerPLUS
Speedo’s PowerPLUS™ fabric brings added power, comfort and fluidity of motion—all while reducing drag. Up to 50% lighter than traditional swimwear, PowerPLUS™ compression technology increases muscle support and elongation for added power and decreased recovery times. PowerPLUS™ also resists pilling, fits perfectly and retains its shape use after use.
Buy PowerPLUS® Suits Here


Speedo PowerFLEX
After 200 hours of continuous exposure in the pool, this durable fabric is still going strong. Engineered to last 5-10 times longer than ordinary swimwear, it resists bagging, sagging and the effects of suntan lotion, skin oils and chlorine.
Buy PowerFLEX™ Suits Here


Speedo Fastskin
Inspired by the sleek, hydrodynamic properties of sharkskin, the Fastskin® fabricated textile remains one of the fastest choices in the pool. Designed to repel water, compress the body, and devour the competition.
Buy Fastskin® Suits Here


Speedo Aquablade
Our entry-level championship suit features water-channeling stripes that cut through the water to significantly reduce drag. Constructed of a durable poly-lycra blend that’s great for team and competition use.
Buy Aquablade® Suits Here


Speedo ProLT
Stretch, recover and repeat—that’s the basic idea behind Speedo’s affordable ProLT.™ This fabric is the perfect choice for occasional swimmers and water lovers, providing support and comfort at a great value.
Buy ProLT™ Suits Here


Speedo Endurance+
There is a reason this is the world’s best-selling training suit. Made of our chlorine-resistant fabric, it’s designed to last far longer than conventional swimwear fabric, retaining color. Four-Way Stretch technology also provides a body-hugging fit, great shape retention and soft comfort.
Buy SPEEDO® Endurance+ Suits Here


Speedo Endurance Lite
10% lighter weight than Endurance+, that won’t weigh you down in the water. Resists sag¬ging, bagging, and fading—a great choice for practice and training.
Buy SPEEDO® Endurance Lite® Suits Here

Female Nike Swimwear Back Styles

August 6, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming

We continue our series on female swimsuit backs with Nike today! Nike is known for having an innovative range of open and minimal backs, but they also have plenty of styles for those who want more coverage and support! Which style is your favorite?

Nike Lingerie Tank


• Moderate open back
• Thin crisscross straps for enhanced comfort
• Medium neckline
• The other “go-to” suit; great fit, functionality, comfort and support
• Ideal for practice and race day

Our Pick: Nike Core Solid Lingerie Tank

Nike Sport Top 2PC


• Sport top with v-shaped lingerie straps
• Core brief with higher rise and more classic fit
• Ideal for training
• Minimal tan lines

Our Pick: Nike Sport Top 2 PC

Nike Spider Back Tank


• Ultra open back
• Micro straps for enhanced range of motion
• Low neckline
• Daring fit with minimal coverage
• Ideal for outdoor practice and race day
• Designed to minimize tan lines

Our Pick: Nike Static Attack Spider Back Tank

Nike Cut-Out Tank


• Ultra open back
• Micro crisscross straps for enhanced range of motion
• Low neckline
• Daring fit with minimal coverage
• Ideal for outdoor practice and race day
• Designed to minimize tan lines

Our Pick: Nike Onyx Storm Cut-Out Tank

Nike Fast Back Tank


• Conservative back
• Wide straps for superior performance
• High neckline
• More streamlined shape for less drag
• Great support
• Designed to accelerate your training

Our Pick: Nike Foil Skin Fast Back Tank

Nike High Neck Tank


• Ultra conservative back
• Wide straps for great coverage
• High neckline
• Tight fit for competitive advantage
• Back zipper for easy on-and-off
• Mesh inserts for drainage and breathability

Our Pick: Nike Water Polo High Neck Tank Solid

Nike Classic Lingerie


• Moderate open back
• Thin straps for a comfortable fit
• Medium neckline
• The “go-to” suit; great fit, functionality, comfort and support
• Ideal for practice and race day

Our Pick: Nike Morphology Classic Lingerie Tank

Nike Power Back Tank


• Conservative back
• Wide straps for maximum support
• High neckline
• More streamlined shape for less drag
• Ultimate support
• No distractions to slow you down

Our Pick: Nike Team Color Block Power Back Tank

Nike Modern Cut Out Tank


• Ultra open back
• Double micro straps for enhanced range of motion and support
• Low neckline
• Daring fit with minimal coverage
• Ideal for outdoor practice and race day


Nike Modern Lingerie Tank


• Moderate open back
• Skinny straps for comfortable fit
• Medium neckline
• As fun as the cut-out tank but with a more conservative fit
• Ideal for outdoor practice and race day

Our Pick: Nike Splatter Modern Lingerie Tank

Nike Modern Fast Back Tank


• More conservative back
• Wide straps for serious support
• High neckline
• More streamlined shape for less drag
• Provides total comfort lap after lap
• Ideal for outdoor practice and race day

Our Pick: Nike Team Splice Modern Fast Back Tank

Nike Skimpy Bottom 2PC


• Sport top with adjustable x-back to halter straps
• Low cut open side brief with built-in drawcord
• Ideal for training
• Minimal tan lines

Our Pick: Nike Fractured Tie Dye Adjustable 2PC Sport Top and Skimpy Bottom

Choosing the Right Suit for Your Body Shape

August 1, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming

Women come in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes – and Swim2000 carries a wide variety of suits that cater to all those shapes! Everyone’s heard of an hourglass shape, but do you know what an apple or pear shape is? This handy guide will explain 5 shapes and how to pick an amazing suit for each type. Big thanks to Arena for the graphics and a good portion of the information!

Apple Shape Apple Shape
Embrace your body with a suit that supports your shape and compliments your assets. A ‘one colour’ suit with vertical panels or piping down the front of each side, curving inwards gives the impression of a waist. A swimsuit with built in bra and full body support will emphasise your soft curves.

Our Pick: Aqua Sphere Lima Round Back

  Pear Pear
You are all woman! Your wonderful lower curves may benefit from a ‘low leg cut’ swimsuit. Bright colour and design across the bust will emphasise and draw attention away from your womanly hips and bottom. Try a suit with a padded bra, it will certainly help boost your assets.

Our Pick: Aqua Sphere Acacia Body Shape Back

Inverted Triangle Inverted Triangle
You have a strong, athletic body shape. Flatter it by drawing attention away from the top half of your body but to your slender lower half. This can be done by wearing a suit that has bright colour and bold design to the lower section.

Our Pick: Speedo Empire Splice Adjustable Crossback

Ruler Ruler
Your body shape suits almost any swimsuit!. Vertical panels or piping down the front of the suit which curve inwards at each side give the appearance of a waist whilst cheeky padded cups only maximize your already admirable shape.

Our Pick: Aqua Sphere Anise Round Back

Hourglass Hourglass
Embrace your fabulous curves and enhance them further with a swimsuit that offers a cup sized bra. Opt for a back that provides chest support and adjustable straps. You have a wonderfully feminine body so why not honour it with bright colours and bold design.

Our Pick: Dolfin Xtra Life Lycra Lap Suit Print

Speedo Boardshort Technology

July 25, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming

Speedo puts a good deal of thought into their boardshorts. Learn here about the technology utilized so you can decide which boardshort is best for you!


Welcome to Speedo® FLX System,™ the fit system that lets you customize your watershort fit to your body. By choosing the waist system that best fits your needs, you get more comfort, unrestricted freedom of movement and having a boardshort that feels like it was made just for you.

Side Stretch Insets

Side Stretch Insets
Hidden side construction providing a little extra stretch as you move.

Hidden Flexible Waistband

Hidden Flexible Waistband
Hidden inner waist construction with maximum stretch that expands as you move.

View Speedo FLX System shorts here.


You don’t make the world’s greatest swimwear by settling. Using 85 years of in-water experience, Speedo continually pushes design features to new levels of performance and style. From the world’s most elite swimmers to the everyday fitness swimmer, now everyone can benefit from Speedo style and innovation.

Speedo Mesh Insert

Speedo Mesh Insert
Men need support too. Many board shorts leave out the mesh liner, but our liner is specifically designed to provide the type of support active men need in and out of the water.

View shorts with Speedo Mesh Inserts here.

Speedo Bonded Zipper

Speedo Bonded Zipper
Sure, it closes and secures your pocket—but it also features a sleek, cool design. At Speedo, even zippers get a closer look.

View shorts with Speedo Bonded Zippers here.

Speedo Signature Boom Eyelets

Speedo Signature Boom Eyelets
You can say we have an eyelet for detail. Just another example of how we obsess about the smallest things that make the big difference.

View shorts with Speedo Signature Boom Eyelets here.


UV Block the Burn

UV Block the Burn
Block the Burn® with UV protection from Speedo. Founded in Australia in 1929, Speedo has been the leader in understanding how to protect the body against harmful rays. Our exclusive collection of Block the Burn® products feature:
• More body coverage for greater sun protection
• Tighter knit fabric for higher level of protection
• Improved fit so that over stretched product does not decrease the UPF rating

View products made with UV Block the Burn here.

4-Way Stretch

4-Way Stretch
Up, down, sideways and anything in between—move any way you want and never feel restricted by your swimsuit. Nothing’s holding back your fun or workout here.

View products made with 4-Way Stretch here.

Swim Goggles Lens Color Guide

July 18, 2013 in Swimming


Not sure what goggles lens color is right for you? Let us help you find the perfect color! Big thanks to Tyr for the detailed information!

Mirror coatings can be added to any lens color. The lens retains its normal properties with the mirror finish helping to reduce brightness and glare.
Our Pick: Tyr Nest Pro Metallized Goggles

Smoke GogglesSMOKE
Popular all-purpose lens color that reduces the light transmission to the eye, lowering the overall brightness without excessive color distortion.
Our Pick: Tyr Tracer Racing Goggles in Smoke

Red GogglesRED
Cause significant color distortion but are good for medium and low-light conditions because they are good at enhancing contrast.
Our Pick: Tyr Socket Rockets in Red-Silver or Red-Gold

Pink GogglesPINK
Offer the best contrast for objects against a green or blue background, making them a good choice for indoor and outdoor pool use.
Our Pick: Tyr Swimple Kids in Rose

Amber GogglesAMBER
Causes light color distortion but have contrastenhancing properties. Amber lenses are good for flat-light situations and indoor swimming.
Our Pick: Tyr Qualifier Goggles in Amber

Aqua/Green GogglesAQUA/GREEN
Lighter aqua/green lenses minimize color distortion in low light. These lenses are ideal for indoor swimming.
Our Pick: Tyr Swimple Metallized in Electric Lime

Blue GogglesBLUE
Designed to reduce surface glare from water to provide great visibility in bright light. Lighter blues are good for indoors while darker blues function better outdoors.
Our Pick: Tyr Racetech Goggles in Blue

Purple gogglesPURPLE
Designed to reduce surface glare from water to provide great visibility in bright light. Lighter purples are good for indoors while darker purples function better outdoors.
Our Pick: Tyr Technoflex 4.0 Femme Goggles

Clear GogglesCLEAR
Offers protection and clear vision without changing the appearance of colors. Ideal for indoor or low-light swimming situations.
Our Pick: Tyr Velocity Goggles in Clear

Speedo Active Recreation Swimsuit Technologies

June 20, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming

Ever wondered what exactly a Hydro Bra or a Silicone Gripper is? These are among the innovative technologies Speedo has included in their newest Women’s Active and Recreation swimwear. Knowing what these terms mean will help you choose your next swimsuit, and we are here to show you how these innovations will benefit you!

Speedo Hydro Bra

Our new Speedo® Hydro Bra brings together a more powerful mesh support, updated oval-shaped cup and extra-soft logo plush elastic for a more comfortable, athletic fit. Support has never offered so much freedom.


An example of a suit with this technology is the Speedo Hydro Bra Piped Moderate Ultraback.

Speedo Soft Cup

Light support provides modest coverage and a smooth appearance with no cup lines while stretching for added comfort while in motion.

An example of a suit with this technology is the Speedo Bars and Blocks Reversible 1PC.

Flattering Leg Heights

She’s fit, she’s strong, and she wants to show it. That’s why Speedo® offers three cuts to reflect–and flatter–the modern swim consumer. Featuring three dynamic leg heights for all your fitness needs–Contemporary, Moderate, Conservative

Want a contemporary cut? Try the Speedo Contemporary Ultraback.

How about a moderate cut? Try the Speedo Sweetheart Adjustable U-Back.

And a conservative cut? Try the Speedo Endurance+ Side Shirred Contourback.

Speedo Silicone Gripper

Featured in the new Contemporary styles, the silicone gripper is a silicone edge that provides the most secure fit for all your active needs. The silicone edge is found in most bikini tops, under the bust, and on the inside of the suit along the outer edge of bottoms.

An example of a suit with this technology is the Speedo Mesh Back 1PC.

Speedo 360-Degree Core Control

Engineered with compression fabric 360 degrees around the waist. Our most slimming fit yet.

An example of a suit with this technology is the Speedo Sweetheart 1PC.

Speedo Core Compression

Features strategically placed mesh compression fabric that trims and slims for a flattering fit.

An example of a suit with this technology is the Speedo Empire Splice Adjustable Crossback.

Do you have any other questions on these technologies? Feel free to leave us a comment!

Speedo Female Suit Back Styles

June 19, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming

It can be daunting to choose the perfect swimsuit. There are so many choices to be made! But let us help you demystify part of the process – which back style to choose. Speedo creates over 10 different competition and training back styles, and these pictures and descriptions will help you decide which is the right choice for you. Will it be the classic, supportive SuperPro Back or the daring Extreme Back? Only you can decide!



This versatile option can be worn clipped or unclipped for a best-of-both-worlds mix of comfort and style.

See Clip Back Styles Here



Our revolutionary teardrop shape features wide straps for serious support. Perfect for competitive swimming and training.

See Drop Back Styles Here



Inspired by our Flyback, this version features slightly thinner straps, a more open back and sits slightly higher and closer to the shoulder blades.

See Energy Back Styles Here



A sleek and sexy silhouette with the added benefit of comfort and fit. Perfect for fitness swimmers who want to bring standout style to the water.

See Extreme Back Styles Here



Thin, streamlined straps are reinforced with overlap binding for extra durability. Provides excellent support and freedom of motion.

See Flyback Styles Here



Fresh and sassy with a low, open back, our Speedo® Fresh Back also provides good support. Ideal for training and fitness swimming.

See Fresh Back Styles Here



This stylish Flipturns® features a new sporty two-piece back with a mesh insert and a banded bottom with drawcord.

See Mesh Back Styles Here



Our top competitive back, featured in Fastskin3®, Fastskin FSII® and Aquablade suits. A lower back and higher cut offers ultimate freedom of motion.

See Recordbreaker Back Styles Here



Features a flattering open back that delivers outstanding range of motion. Ideal for practice and training.

See Splash Back Styles Here



Make a statement the moment you hit the water in this flattering, ultra-open back with thin straps and a low-cut keyhole.

See Super Back Styles Here



Our best-selling back features wide straps for ultimate support and comfort in the water. Great for all ages, especially young swimmers.

See SuperPro Back Styles Here



Inspired by our best-selling Super Pro back, this version features slimmer, sleeker straps. Perfect for training and fitness swimming.

See Y-Back Styles Here


June 15, 2013 in Family Fun, For Coaches & Parents, Las Vegas Local, Lifeguard, Product Spotlights, Swimming, Triathlon

Sunday is Father’s Day and with it comes the opportunity to enjoy quality water time with dear old Dad.  If it’s a backyard pool party, there are a number of ways to enhance your aquatic experience this Father’s Day.  A backyard pool party for the family and friends will take on another dimension with the inclusion of toys and pool games for the festivities.  Grab a snorkel and mask set and set up a scavenger hunt using dive rings and pool toys.  For a combination of games, look to the Across Pool Volleyball/Badminton Set from Water Gear.  This set includes the standards, net, ball, rackets and birdies for guaranteed hours of pool fun.  If basketball is your game, add another dimension and play a championship series of your own with the Heavy Duty Water Basketball Game, also from Water Gear.  Team or one-on-one competitions will keep everyone involved, and it may give Dad a reason, or the perfect excuse, to officiate the action.

Perhaps Dad just wants to kick back and relax this Father’s Day.  Maybe he just wants to sit back and enjoy watching it all.  If that’s the case, let him lounge in style and watch all the competition with a quality flotation device.  Keep beverages at the ready and share some floating time with Dad on the River Run II from Wet Products.  This dual tube design features seating for two, two cup holders, two handles (for the rogue wave) and showcases a cooler in the middle that keeps beverages cold and ready.  Wet Products also offers the 18 Pocket Suntanner.  This raft is over 6 feet long, 2 feet wide and includes a pillow for Dad to rest his weary head on.  However, Dad may need to load up on the sunscreen in case the competition is so riveting he happens to doze off for a few minutes on this floating nap vessel.

Remember, whatever activities you have planned this Father’s Day, it’s always safety first.  Enjoy, and Happy Father’s Day!

Summer and Mirrored Goggles!!!

June 4, 2013 in Product Spotlights, Swimming, Triathlon

Both competitive and recreational swimmers are likely to spend more time
outdoors during the summer months.  They also have to contend with the
intensity of the summer sun, an intensity that can negatively impact a
swimmer's vision both in and around the water.  We all have only one set
of eyes, and it's important to take every precaution to protection them. 
Wearing a quality pair of goggles every time you're in the water is strongly
recommended, whatever the water activity may be.  Goggles provide a water
tight seal for hours on end, making it easier to see clearly and ensuring the
safety and protection of your eyes from the harmful elements and irritants
found in the water.  Goggles also include quality protection from the harmful
rays of the sun, incorporating UVA/UVB protection features that are second to
none.  And if you’re concerned about comfort, don’t be. 
Components found in goggles today not only provide a water tight seal, they also
provide a comfortable fit you can rely on time and time again. 

Increased glare is a factor all swimmers have to contend with in the pool and
the open water during the summer months, and it's a factor that can have a huge
impact on swimmers during a competition.  The best way to combat the
negative effects of increased glare from the summer sun during competition is
with a pair of mirrored swim goggles.  Mirrored lens goggles are
specifically designed to help reduce the glare associated with the reflection
of sunlight on the water, reducing eye strain and enhancing your vision in even
the most intense sunlight.  And for the fashionistas, mirrored goggles
provide a sleek look that will keep you as cool in your mind as you feel you
need to be each time you put them on.

A number of manufacturers offer mirrored goggles, in a variety of styles and
designs suited for any competitive or recreational discipline, as an integral
part of their product lines.  For speed in the pool, Speedo offers the
Liquid Storm Mirrored goggles.  Ideally suited for racing, these goggles
showcase a hard frame that provides a water tight seal, a low-profile fit that
reduces drag and mirrored, wide angle lenses that reduce glare, enhance vision
clarity and provide increased peripheral vision capability that enables you to
keep an eye on the competition. For open water and triathlon use, Tyr offers
the Nest Pro Metallized goggles.  Inspired by the bird nest design of the
Olympic Stadium in Beijing, Nest Pro Metallized goggles are quality performance
goggles with a high-tech design suitable for competition, training, triathlon
or open water use.  These goggles incorporate a VTS (Varied Tensile
Strength) headstrap that combines with the TPR gasket/frame system to enhance
comfort, provide a water tight seal and conform to your head for a secure fit. 
Nest Pro Metallized goggles are also comfortable, durable, and feature
mirrored, anti-fog lenses with wide angle vision capability and embedded
protection that reduces glare and enhances clarity whenever you're in the water.

Remember, it’s always safety first, especially where the eyes are
concerned.  And if you’re looking for some mirrored goggles to enhance
your summer season, contact Swim2000 and we’ll help you select a pair of
mirrored goggles that are right for you.