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Aqua Sphere Energize Triathlon Tri Suit Female

Aqua Sphere Energize Triathlon Tri Suit Female
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About Aqua Sphere

With a long history in diving, Aqua Sphere is committed to providing gear for swimmers who want a safe, comfortable swim experience. Their advanced fabric technologies are used to create individualized fabrics that are built to last, resist chlorine, and provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB ray emitted by the sun. Eight different types of fabric allow you to decide what suit is best for your body's needs.

Their powered wetsuits, of which there are three series (the Elite, the Pro, and the Competitor) are competition-ready Ironman suits made for elite athletes and enthusiasts worldwide. Aqua Sphere is also well known for it's commitment to providing excellent quality swimming goggles with innovative products like the Seal swim mask, the Kaiman goggles, or the Kayenne goggles, all of which are made with the highest quality materials and have improved eye protection for swimmers universally. A wide assortment of products for fitness swimmers, triathletes, and kids are the result of passion and dedication to swimmers everywhere.