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Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch
Available in 10 Colors/Styles

Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch
Our Price: $18.95
Save: $9.00
Accusplit AX Pro Stopwatch

Accusplit AX Pro Stopwatch
Our Price: $31.95

About Accusplit

Based in Northern California, Accusplit was founded by W. Ron Sutton when he saw a need for a new way to record competitive times using stopwatches. As a runner in high school, Sutton's scores were only recorded if he placed in the top 3; however, he changed this practice when he invented the first memory stopwatch in 1977.

By partnering with the developers of the first accurate pedometer, the Kato family of Japan, Sutton (a.k.a. Mr. Pedometer) continues to promote personal performance measurement. Accusplit's patented products allow individuals to become personally responsible for their health and wellness to increase their overall quality of life. By investing in a stopwatch or a pedometer, you can ensure that your goals to lose weight, gain muscle, or enjoy greater overall fitness are measurable, accurate, and achievable.