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Dolfin Printed Wave Silicone Swim Cap
Available in 2 Colors/Styles

Dolfin Printed Wave Silicone Swim Cap
Our Price: $9.95

About Dolfin

This Pennsylvania founded and operated company has made a name for itself in the swimwear industry as a unique seller of competitive team suits and goggles for men, women and youth. Not only do they carry traditional team suits in a variety of colors, prints, and cuts, but they have become known for their distinctive suits called "Uglies". They feature colorful prints like jigsaws and a preppy plaid that are especially popular for youth practice and training, particularly because the cuts are fun and not too revealing. Dolfin even features an annual contest, "Miss Uglies" where swimmers can enter to have their best Uglies photo published in Swimming World Magazine and Dolfin Uglies promotional posters. Dolfin has created a solid identity as the leader in practice and team suits for swimmers of all ages since 1955.