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SBR Sports Products

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TriSwim Lotion

TriSwim Lotion
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About SBR Sports

SBR Sports was founded in 2003 by Karen Allard, a former real estate agent who discovered her passion for triathlon, who developed products for swimming, biking, and running (aka SBR) in order to counteract the hazards of participating in these activities that she herself experienced. After many trials on her prototypes and extensive work with prominent labs and chemists, she was able to design shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and lotion to safely remove chemicals and pollutants from your skin and hair and keep them moisturized and beautiful.

TriSwim Products are considered salon quality and come in convenient 2 oz. bottles for travel or large 64 oz. jugs for a large group, team or salon use. TriSwim shampoos and conditioners are made with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Pro Vitamin B5 and Keratin Amino Acids, Wheat Protein, and Soybeans, all of which hydrate and replenish your locks to their natural beauty!