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About Speedo

Speedo USA and Speedo is arguably one of the most recognized athletic performance brands in the world- and for good reason. Speedo was founded in Australia in 1928 and has made countless innovations in swimwear and product lines that are must haves for professional athletes and swim enthusiasts in over 170 countries. Their innovative approach was a quality that Speedo had from the get go: the first non-wool swimsuit was created by them in the same year as their creation. The new Racerback suit allowed for better range of motion and proved itself when a young swimmer set a world record in the Raceback just four years later, establishing the brand as a force to be reckoned with.

Speedo USA and Speedo International has also worked closely with the Olympic Games, sponsoring individual athletes and teams, while creating an impressive track list of athletes who have earned a medal while wearing Speedo. Today, Speedo USA products and innovations like the LZR Racer ®, the Endurance+, HydroTread®, and many more are distributed in more than 11,000 stores in North America as well as throughout the world. They have also been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute for advanced technology for their contributions to the industry. Speedo products are designed to meet swimmers needs, no matter what their goals are.

Most popular Speedo USA products are: water shoes, swim goggles, competition swimsuits.