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Backstroke Flags

Backstroke flags notify a swimmer when they are approaching the edge of the pool. Swimming the backstroke doesn’t provide a viewable point of sight reference on the pool bottom that strokes where the head is face down in the water do. This can lead to disorientation and may cause a swimmer to start their turn too early or too late. Backstroke flags nullify that concern. Backstroke flags give a swimmer that necessary point of sight reference that enables them to know exactly where they are in the pool.

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Backstroke flags come in a variety of material options and sizes. Vinyl and plastic backstroke flags are ideally suited for indoor pools, while fabric backstroke flags are more commonly used at outdoor pools. Most designs and combinations of backstroke flags meet the minimum requirements of the various swimming governing bodies, so you’ll know you’re in compliance when ordering backstroke flags for your pool. It’s also important to know the exact number of lanes, and the exact width of lanes, when ordering backstroke flags for your pool. Backstroke flags can be ordered in set color patterns, or you can custom order backstroke flags in the colors of your choice. You can also order customized backstroke flags that display your team or club logo, or any marking you need.