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Competition Swim Suits

In the always evolving world of swimwear, competition swim suits consistently make the biggest impact. Competition swim suits always provide the latest advances in terms of style, performance and technology. And while most brands offer a line of competition swim suits, they all rely on results to validate their products.

Innovations in style, design and fabric technology are a constant with competition swim suits. The first in a long line of innovations involving competition swim suits was achieved by Speedo in the year they were founded when they introduced the Racerback. This non-wool suit, the first of its kind which allowed for increased range of motion, was just the beginning for Speedo, and also all manufacturers of competition swim suits, in terms of innovations relating to competition swim suits that have consistently dazzled the industry.

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With the standard set, other innovations in the manufacturing of competition swim suits followed. Hours and hours of extensive research and testing at facilities around the globe were put into the development of competition swim suits. Different fabric compounds enhance the effective performance of competition swim suits by reducing hydrodynamic drag, a huge factor for all swimmers. These fabric technologies work in harmony with advancements in design efficiency and have made the current crop of competition swim suits the best ever.

Competition is fierce when it comes to competition swim suits, giving the consumer an ample supply of options. Brand names like Speedo, Tyr, Arena, Dolfin and Nike offer competition swim suits with the latest technologies and designs. Top athletes wear the competition swim suits of all these brands, with many championships won and many records broken along the way. It's that competitive spirit, in and out of the water, that helps make competition swim suits the jewel of the industry.