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Lycra Swim Caps

lycra swim caps


The main purpose of Lycra swim caps is to keep your hair out of your face.

Like all swim caps, the main purpose of lycra swim caps is to keep your hair out of your face. However, many swimmers, professional and recreational, choose lycra swim caps for their training because these swim caps are extremely comfortable. The material used to make these caps is lycra, basically the same material used to make most swimsuits. It is stretchable and comfortable.

Lycra swim caps vs. Silicone swim caps vs. Latex swim caps

It is a very frequent question we receive. Indeed most swimmers don't really know the difference. Obviously the fabric is the main difference, but there are more behind the fabric. The main question is which one should I use?

So here are our suggestions:

  1. Lycra swim caps: use for lap swimming, water aerobic - do not use for swim racing
  2. Silicone swim caps: multi purpose swim caps. They can be used for all swimming activities including racing.
  3. Latex swim caps: similar to the silicone caps but a lot cheaper.

How to wear lycra swim caps?

Lycra swim caps can be worn alone over the hair or under a latex or silicone cap. Many swimmers use this combination approach because latex or silicone swim caps pull their hair. Swimmers wear the lycra swim cap underneath. It is more comfortable this way, and they still get the aerodynamic benefit of the latex/silicone caps.

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