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My Swim Cap

If you’re looking for a quality design in a swim cap that is more than ordinary, selecting My Swim Cap is the right choice for you. Designed to keep hair dry by keeping water out, My Swim Cap is designed to specifically protect your hair from the harmful elements found in the water. Made with neoprene, My Swim Cap is more durable than swim caps made with other materials. My Swim Cap also features fastening tabs that seal leakage points on the back of the neck and behind the ears to keep water out, and these fastening tabs ensure My Swim Cap will stay in place while in use.

The patent-pending design of My Swim Cap is what makes it unique in swim cap styles. The design of My Swim Cap focuses on keeping the pressure exactly where it needs to be, something swim caps that provide a tight fit all over cannot do. Translated, My Swim Cap will have a comfortable fit that protects your hair every time instead of leaving you with a headache and damaged hair like some swim caps will. Available in a variety of sizes, My Swim Cap can accommodate most lengths, thicknesses and types of hair, including extensions, enabling you to keep your hair healthy and ready to go every time you get out of the water.