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Polyester Swim Suits

Fabric alone changed the swimwear industry dramatically over the years and polyester swim suits are indicative of that change. Hours of research and testing are invested into the design of swimwear today. Certain fabric technologies are proven to improve speed in the water by reducing hydrodynamic drag. However, certain fabrics cannot withstand continued exposure to the elements in and around the water. These suits deteriorate and fade over time. Polyester swim suits do not. Polyester swim suits are proven to endure long hours at the pool and still maintain their integrity. This ability to withstand the weakening effects of chlorine and sun exposure ensures polyester swim suits will keep their color for a long time.

While some swim suits are ideal for racing, polyester swim suits make the perfect practice suit. Polyester swim suits don’t promote speed. Polyester swim suits produce more hydrodynamic drag than their racing counterparts. However, polyester swim suits offer a durability racing suits do not. This durability makes polyester swim suits the ultimate choice for the rigors of practice. Polyester swim suits seemingly never wear out, making them perfectly suited for a variety of water activities including water aerobics, fitness, and long hours of training.

Polyester swim suits are available in a variety of styles and from many manufacturers. Polyester swim suits for women are available in one-piece, two-piece, bikini and tankini styles while men’s polyester swim suits come in briefs, jammers and shorts. Most brands carry a line of polyester swim suits for women, men, and children that are available in many colors, styles and designs. With a variety of options to choose from, polyester swim suits will always be available at prices you can appreciate.