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Racing Swim Caps

Both professional and amateur swimmers need to have racing swim caps in order to be competitive in the water. Whether racing through a pool or in a lake, swim caps allow you to cut smoothly through the water, giving you more distance per stroke. At Swim2000, Inc., we offer dozens of swim caps in all colors, materials, and styles to give you a racing advantage over the competition.

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Simply put, our swim caps are the best in the business. Choose from manufacturers such as Speedo, Tyr, and more. What's more, we offer every swim cap at a drastic discount from the manufacturer's retail price. We also have a daily clearance section of our website, where you can find even better deals on today's top swim gear.

Types of Racing Swim Caps
Racing swim caps come in latex, silicone, and Lycra materials. Latex swim caps are the most inexpensive, and typically the most popular. Olympic swimmers use these kinds of caps, but they are also popular with non-competitive recreational swimmers.

Silicone caps are ideal for swimmers who have latex allergies or other skin sensitivities related to rubber products. They are more durable than latex as well, offering you years of wear per cap. Finally, Lycra racing swim caps are designed to be more porous, and mainly work to keep hair out of your face without providing leak protection. Let our professionals help you find the ideal racing swim caps for you or your team. Call us toll-free at 1-800-214-6823, or email us at We're happy to answer any questions you may have!