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Silicone Swim Caps

There are several kinds of swim caps on the market, including latex, Lycra, and silicone. Silicone caps are popular with swimmers at all levels, from recreational to Olympic swimmers alike. This is both for their look and for their performance. Silicone swim caps are very sleek and hydrodynamic, providing swimmers with an alternative to latex and Lycra.

Although latex caps are cheaper, silicone doesn't affect people with latex or rubber allergies. Also, silicone caps will keep your hair dry, unlike Lycra caps. The best of both worlds, silicone swim caps are also aesthetically advantageous. They are shinier and more durable than other caps, and this can cause them to be up to three times as pricey as latex alternatives.

One Size Fits All: Silicone Swim Caps
Silicone caps are made in one size, although manufacturers are looking at making different sizes to accommodate the needs of the market. This is because swimmers with long hair often find these caps to be too snug, given the room needed to fit in all their hair. Silicone is very slick, so the cap must fit you well or it will slip right off.

Silicone swim caps stretch well and are resistant to tearing. There are more and more custom-designed silicone caps with features like Tripwire technology, which reduces drag and enables easy movement in the water. Shop our online selection at Swim2000, Inc., order a silicone swim cap, and see for yourself--it could cut seconds off your best time! You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-214-6823 or email us at