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Speedo Swim Fins

Speedo swim fins are a great training aid for both the recreational and competitive swimmer, and the benefits are numerous for those who use Speedo swim fins. All swimmers will get a sense and feel of proper kicking technique when using Speedo swim fins. Less experienced and beginning swimmers will recognize the effectiveness of a proper kicking cadence and how that translates into increased thrust and propulsion when using Speedo swim fins. Speedo swim fins help all swimmers increase their leg strength and maximize their overall conditioning, while the advanced and competitive swimmer appreciate the fact that using Speedo swim fins will not put undue strain on muscles during long training hours in the water.

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Speedo swim fins come in a variety of designs that are specifically suited for different purposes. Speedo swim fins for the breaststroke are designed to enhance the learning process of the breaststroke kick. These Speedo swim fins also promote outward angling and rotation of the feet necessary for correct breaststroke kicking technique. Biofuse® fins are Speedo swim fins that combine hard and soft silicone to maximize comfort and performance while also helping swimmers build strength and power. The short blade design of these Speedo swim fins promotes a balance between arm stroke and kicking tempo. The Optimus fins are Speedo swim fins specifically designed for training and they encourage the uninterrupted, effortless flow of a flutter kick. Speedo swim fins also are available in a short blade training fin designed to promote a faster and stronger flutter kick. Triathletes, scuba divers, and snorkelers will find quality Speedo swim fins designed specifically for their particular water endeavors as well. All Speedo swim fins come in a variety of sizes and are designed with comfortable foot pockets that provide a secure fit, making them ideal for long hours of use.