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Swedish Swimming Goggles

Swedish swimming goggles are a hugely popular alternative to traditional swimming goggles, especially for professional athletes and triathletes. Light and durable, these goggles are made without an extra seal or gasket around the eye area. They are held in place by a simple latex strap around the head, and can be adjusted by a nose strap between the eye cups.

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Swedish swimming goggles give you freedom of movement and cut down on drag in the water. For any swim racer, this means dropping tenths of a second from your time, which could be enough to put you ahead of your closest competitors. Furthermore, your head movement in the water can be dramatically improved when you're not impaired by heavy eye gear.

The Choice Is Clear: Swedish Swimming Goggles
For many professional swimmers, the choice in goggles is clear: Swedish swim goggles are the best. This is because of their weight and durability, as well as their affordability. They only cost a few dollars a pair, and can be used in any water environment.

Swedish swimming goggles are typically recommended for adults and older juvenile swimmers. The small parts and snug fit of Swedish swimming goggles may not be ideal for children. Instead, opt for larger goggles that offer a wider field of vision. If your child continues to swim, you can eventually transition him or her to Swedish-style swimming goggles for a change of pace. For more information on Swedish goggles or our other hundreds of swim products in stock, call Swim2000, Inc. at 1-800-214-6823. You can also email us at if you have any product-related questions. We look forward to hearing from you!