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Swim Chamois

Whether you need to towel off yourself or dry off your equipment and gear, a swim chamois is the perfect accessory help to dry off and soak up excess water with. A swim chamois is an amazingly absorbent towel perfect for use by swimmers, triathletes, aquatic enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts in general. Made from a number of different materials, a swim chamois soaks up excess moisture in no time at all. Every swim chamois is designed to absorb water weight that is significantly greater than the weight of the swim chamois itself. Compact and ideal for travel, a swim chamois is extremely lightweight and dries in virtually no time at all. A swim chamois also is easy to care for. All that needs to be done is simply rinse in water, squeezing out any excess moisture, and the swim chamois is ready to go.

There are a number of swim chamois styles to choose from when shopping at Swim2000. Our inventory includes the Water Gear swim chamois, the Speedo Watershed swim chamois, the Arena Microfiber Towel II swim chamois, the Arena Body Dry II swim chamois, the Tyr Dry Off and Tyr Dry Off Sport swim chamois, the View Sports Towel swim chamois, the Aqua Sphere Aqua Dry Towel swim chamois and the Nike Hydro Towel swim chamois. Our swim chamois selection at Swim2000 is available in a variety of sizes and colors that are ready to order, and all our swim chamois selections feature the quality pricing you’ve always enjoyed from Swim2000.