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Swim Fins

Have you ever considered wearing swim fins for your next workout, practice, or dip in the pool? Fins are a unique way to strengthen your lower body by forcing you to use your leg muscles to propel yourself through the water. While they are a staple for scuba divers, body surfers, and other athletes, it’s only a recent trend that coaches and swim teams have begun to use them to effectively train and improve their swimming. By using more of your muscles in your swim, you’re engaging your body in a more demanding workout and will reap more benefits of the exercise than you would without; the same theory applies to hand paddles!

Why should I wear fins?
As we’ve already mentioned, fins are a great way to increase your strength by adding resistance to your routine. Your body will learn to work with the fins and then once it’s time for the meet or the competition, the routine you have developed will have left a pattern in your neurons.

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That will make your body imitate your workout without fins as if you were still wearing them: meaning your technique, pace, and speed will have improved!

What kind of fins should I wear?
Most fins are designed with similar shapes and styles. Some are designed so that both your feet will fit into a singular fin (called the “monofin”), making you look somewhat like a mermaid. This increases your strength and allows your body to move in a singular, fluid motion. Other, more common fins, allow your feet to be flexed individually. The type you choose depends on your preference and your fitness goals. Maybe you need a specific pair for your team. No matter what the purpose, you’ll find the gear you need at Swim2000!

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