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Swimming Equipment

All swimmers know the importance of swimming equipment. When used properly, swimming equipment helps to improve performance and aids in the prevention of injuries. Knowing what kind of swimming equipment to use in specific circumstances not only can help improve performance and enhance technique, it also can help prevent a catastrophe from happening.

From items that protect your body from harm to high-tech compounds and designs, swimming equipment has evolved dramatically over the years. Swim caps are a swimming equipment item that practically all competition swimmers use, and different materials reduce hydrodynamic drag to varying degrees, making some caps better for competition and others better for training. Goggles and ear plugs are swimming equipment items that help protect the ears and eyes of all swimmers from the hazards of prolonged time in the water, while design advancements in goggles have created better vision capability and drag reduction for the competitive swimmer as well.

In addition to aiding competition swimmers, there is a wide variety of swimming equipment items designed to aid swimmers of all skill levels. Fins are a piece of swimming equipment that help a swimmer kick more efficiently and effectively, while flotation devices help novice swimmers stay afloat while they develop more power and confidence in their ability. Swimming equipment such as hand paddles come in different shapes and sizes, creating more resistance and helping a swimmer get stronger, faster and improve their technique. Resistance bands, weights and jump ropes are swimming equipment accessories one can use to improve their conditioning and technique while out of the water. Hats, masks, snorkels, all swimming equipment needs to be transported from place to place, and you’ll find a variety of bags in all shapes, sizes and designs to tote all your swimming equipment in.