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Swimming Stopwatches

Swimming stopwatches are a vital accessory for athletes and coaches alike. Swimming stopwatches are equipped with a variety of quality function features designed to make timing and data processing, gathering and storage a simple set of tasks. Swimming stopwatches today are equipped with multi-lap counter, memory recall functions and workout memory capabilities that provide data for best lap, average lap, and total time. Swimming stopwatches also may include features such as pacer function, speed calculation and stroke rate capability. In addition to 24-hour countdown timers with stop, repeat, and linkage functions, swimming stopwatches also have interval timer capability with a countdown timer in the countdown-linkage mode. Additional features on swimming stopwatches today include alarm functions, backup functions, reminder settings, day/date/time capability and multi time zone capability.

Swimming stopwatches available at Swim2000 not only have premium function features but they also include quality design features that contribute to performance, durability and function. Certain models of swimming stopwatches are water resistant at various depths, including up to 200 meters, and also include Indiglo® night lights which make the display on swimming stopwatches easy to view in low light conditions. Most swimming stopwatches come with an adjustable lanyard for easy portability and some swimming stopwatches include carrying cases as well. There are even swimming stopwatches attached to clipboards. There are a variety of swimming stopwatches from a number of manufacturers available at Swim2000, all with quality design features and multiple functions that help make all aspects of timing virtually unproblematic.